Ashbond (Pronounced Ashben) is a dog in the dogs series. Ashbond always Yells at Bandit

 for various reasons.


Ashbond is a DLC fighter in SMSB. Ashbond uses Koda's moveset concept, but with different moves.

Ashbond uses a different model than the Dogs comics. Here, he is smiling with his tounge out. He has a palette swap that makes him look like Blue from Dogs.

Moveset Edit

Standard Attack-Ashbond headbutts into the foe. 3%

Forward tilt-

Smash AttacksEdit

Forward Smash-Ashbond assumes his famous comic pose. Anyone who makes contact is hit. 20%

Air AttacksEdit

Up Air-Ashbond spins around with his head facing the top of the stage. 2% each hit.

Special MovesEdit

Final Smash-Ashbond assumes his comic pose, and grows larger and larger. Anyone hit takes damage. 50%


Trivia Edit

Ashbond is similar to Rosie from the Granny Torrelli Series.

Poyo Ride actually got Ashbond's appearance wrong. Poyo Ride based the names and looks of the main 5 dogs and a few other dogs on real dogs. Poyo Ride knew his dog, Bandit, was good friends with this dog named Ashbond. Poyo has never seen what Ashbond actually looked like when he made the character, so he took one of the first images he saw and used it as Ashbond's look. When he actually saw Ashbond for the first time, he realized he had made an error with Ashbond.