Boner Birdass is a hectic in TARS X.
Boner Birdass2

About Edit

Boner Birdass is one of the 8 main hectics, and he is based on Dyna Blade. He was originally a hectic hunter, but he hated it and became a hectic. Boner Birdass can use the Fiery Trample. He is a rather silly hectic, who behaves like Dyna Blade.

Appearance Edit


Old LookEdit

Boner Birdass had lots of arm cannons on her wings, and some of the feathers on the original Dyna Blades head are now gone for Boner Birdass.


Trivia Edit

  • Boner Birdass was originally named DynaTron.
  • Boner Birdass's look used to be an edit of Dyna Blades look, but Poyo Ride said on Deviantart that he will be redesigning Boner Birdass.
    • Boner Birdass also swapped genders, and is now a boy.