Dyna Blade and the Beach is the first ever TARS comic.



Dyna Blade Destroys the beach.


White Kirby (first appearance)

Dyna Blade (first appearance)

Yellow Kirby (First Appearance)

Blue Kirby (olny feet shown) (First Appearance)

Mewtwo (First Appearance)

Shadow Star (Cameo) (First Appearance)

Mega Man (First Appearance)

Silver Kirby (First Appearance)

Coelacanth (First Appearance)

Italic=Not in first new version.

Bold=Not in 2nd remake

Remake differencesEdit

1st RemakeEdit

New beach location. Some Characters removed.

Art style matches comic 50-60.

Shadow Star talks

2nd RemakeEdit

Now a Panel Comic

White Kirby and Mewtwo have altered lines

Silver removed

Shadow Star reacts to the beach destruction


In the original, Yellow and White are in midair, despite they can't hover and aren't puffing up. (which the Kirbys rarely do)

In the remake, the beach is not actually destroyed, it is just one house.

Dyna Blade is extremely small in the original, being barely taller than White if the two are compared side to side, and smaller than Yellow. This was fixed in the remake.

The Shadow Star is also huge, being about as big as the UFO. However, this is the UFO's fault, as it is really small. This was fixed in the remake, where the UFO is a reasonable size. However, the Shadow Star is still quite big.

Dyna Blades Quote Bubble is not White, making the letters hard to see.


Poyo Ride confirmed that the fish in the comic is the Coelacanth. The Sea Bass would not appear till Comic 62.

In the original, White and Blue use Modern Kirby feet for some reason, even though that was the feet design AFTER comic 25.

This is the first comic to get two remakes

This is the first comic to be remade into a panel comic.