City Lighthouse


White Kirby finally destroys the city lighthouse, and everyone is talking about it.


White Kirby

Green Kirby (First Appearance)

Dyna Blade

Shadow Star (Heard Talking)

Dyna Blades Mom (first appearance)

Antasma (first appearance)

Silver Kirby

Stadium Prediction

Red Kirby

Bold=Remake Only

Italic=Not in remake

Differences in remakeEdit

Antasma is removed. Replaced by Stadium Prediction.

Green Kirby is replaced by Red Kirby, as the comic was remade during his week.

Text is actually typed

White Kirby has a real Hammer. He also has a bazooka.
Comic 2

Bad to good.

White has a longer line.

Dyna Blade gets an all new line

Dyna Blades Mom has a slightly different line.

The setting changed.

The lighthouse does not have a crack, instead, 2 walls blew up, as well as the roof.

Also, the lighthouse is different.

Silver Kirby removed.

The Shadow Star does not talk, nor does he even appear.

Most of the characters have the same positions, but Dyna Blades Mom moves. She is now located above Dyna Blade.

There is no longer a bunch of white spots near White's quote.


Poyo Ride regards the original version the worst comic.

Silver Kirby in this comic mirrors Mewtwo from the first comic. They both appear in a corner saying "Neat."