Da robot revolt is a story in TARS.


Dr. Light and Mega Man are at the store buying parts for a new robot Dr. Light wants to build. As they are doing this, a Shopping cart full of bananas races past them, being chased by Police Carts. The person in the shopping cart is King K. Rool, who is stealing bananas from the store again. King K. Rool tries to ward off the police carts by rolling his crown at them. However, a police cart jumps over the crown and onto K. Rool's head, damaging him like in the first DKC game. K. Rool then jumps out of the cart, and then back in the cart. Cannonballs come crashing down from the celing of the store, putting holes in the celing and damaging products. One of the cannonballs lands on The Random Kindergardeners Head. After driving around the store in a shopping cart some more, K. Rool's cart goes flying in the air with all the bananas flying out, as it ran into Bayonettas Shopping Cart while Bayonetta was looking at some bagels. Now Dr. Light and Mega Man have to go to a different store to get their parts, as the store is ruined.

After visiting 7 different stores, as 6 were attacked by various things, like Dyna Blade and the Meteors, work on the new robot begins. When it finishes, Dr. Light hosts a poll to have Crappy Towns citizens name the robot. The most voted name, which was suggested by Dyna Blade is PENISPENISCOCKASSSUCKERMOTHERFUCKINGPENISPENISSEXYPENISPENISPENISPENISBOT 9000, with FUCK YOU being the second and MYASSISSEXYFUCKITPENISPENISPENIS being third. Dr. Light decided to name it Motimo. Motimo is a stupid ass robot who is very friendly and will help the citizens of Crappy Town and do various jobs. Well this is going to go well.

Motimo is hired to work at a Summer School. He wants to help Kirby with his subtraction. He asks kirby if he had 3 donuts and gave kirby 2 how many would he have. Kirby says 0 because he would take the other donut. Then Miss Robot barges in because there is a new robot teacher. Motimo asks if she wants to help Kirby with his subtraction. Miss Robot says sure and says "If Motimo had two batteries and I took out one how many batteries would Motimo have?" Kirby says 12 but Miss Robot says that he would have 1 and he wouldn't operate, and takes out his batteries.

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