Darkrai pokken tournament render by lucas zero-daa430a
Darkrai is a character in The Air Ride Series.


Darkrai is a Pokemon in TARS. He is a rather evil Pokemon. He likes to give people nightmares with his overly cheap move called Dark Void.


Darkrai is a playable character in SMSB.


Air AttacksEdit

Netural Air-Darkrai spins around. 6%

Back Air-Darkrai kicks its legs backwards, in a similar fashion to Bowser in SSB4. 9% sourspot. 37% sweetspot.


Trivia Edit

Darkrai was originally a boss in SMSB, but was made playable because of being too recurring to not be playable.

Darkrai was one of the shining stars of all Pokemon back in the day of The Air Ride Group. Ironically, back then, Poyo liked Darkrai less than he does now.

In SMSB, Darkrai has its legs out when it is not moving.