FNAF2 Comic is a long comic in TARS.


One day, in Freddy Fazbearz Pizza, the 4 main kirbys are working on building a time machine while Freddy and his butt buddies are playing a song for the kiddies with a lotta swear words. Then Balloon Boy comes bouncing in. Freddy says BB is now powered by Helium, and the the kirbies make a time portal, which BB bounces through. The Kirbies now have to go save Balloon Boy, so they go through the smelly time machine.

They land up in 1987 at 12PM. They spot Balloon Boy.... who just bounced into a pit of spikes and popped. The Time Machine will turn on again at 6AM. They see freddys smelly pizza place, which is hiring. The 4 get a job as da night guards. Apparently, it is a different pizza place. The animatronics are in much better shape, except Mangle, obivous reasons. Anyways, az usual, the animatronics are on their stupid stage and start moving. However, unlike the modern day animatronics shitting on the floors and eating the doors, the other animatronics are walking normally. They are apparently more like real robots than the other animatronics. The phone rings, and the Phone Guy says that there's a gay mask you have to put on when the animatronics come in the office. However, the kirbies threw that mask away because it had a hole in it. Whoops.


White Kirby

Blue Kirby

Yellow Kirby

Red Kirby





Withered Freddy

Withered Bonnie

Withered Chica

Withered Foxy

Toy Freddy

Toy Bonnie

Toy Chica