Francis Drake is a character in The Air Ride Series.
Francis Drake


Francis Drake looks just like Blue Kirby, but he always wears a White Cap with his name on it to distinguish himself from Blue Kirby

Personality Edit

Francis Drake likes to steal stuff, and is a master theif. Unlike in real life, he is a blue colored Kirby, and he is the ancestor of Blue Kirby.


Francis Drake has not yet appeared in any comic.

In real lifeEdit

Francis was born sometime around 1540. Francis Drake was a master theif, often leading raids to rob the Spanish. Drake
220px-1590 or later Marcus Gheeraerts, Sir Francis Drake Buckland Abbey, Devon

Drake in Real Life.

was a hero in England, but the Spanish thought of him as a "Master Thief."  King Philliph II was said to offer 20,000 ducats for his life, because everybody was a mean asshole back then. He died of dysentry on January 27th, 1596, at age 55.