HP patch
The HP patch is a patch that appears in Kirby Air Ride.


When you collect a HP patch, it increases your HP bar. HP is a rarer patch, and you can only collect 16.

A single HP Patch is a character. He hates the kirbies and does not like to be collected, similar to the Shadow Star and All Patch. He does not like hiding on the UFO, instead, he decides to fight the kirbies with all his weapons. He usually goes to hard to reach places, such as the Star Pole, the Electric Lounge, and, despite what I said before, the UFO. (He's not hiding, he's trying not to be reached when trying to defeat the kirbies. He's actually just blowing the cover of all the other hiders.)


Many Characters comment on how the HP Patch looks like the soul from Undertale.
HP Patch=Soul from Undertale

As you can see, the thingy in the box is the soul from Undertale, which bears a resemblance to the HP Patch (and any stereotypical cartoon heart, really).