Invisible Kirby is a character in TARS.


Invisible Kirby is always asking everybody if they can see him. Some people are annoyed as they can clearly see his face and he keeps asking, while some wonder where the voice comes from.


On September 23 2014, Blue Kirby posted a post on Facebook saying he couldn't wait to see the new characters for the kirby boom. He mentioned the two revealed kirbies and also said Invisible Kirby, thinking he had been revealed. Dyna Blade steps in and reveals his personality before White confirms Invisible Kirby.

Poyo Ride says that Invisible Kirbys leak was not an accident. He decided it would be cool if one of the kirbies leaked and all the people would be confused about this new Kirby. (OH WAIT NOBODY CARED!)

Trivia Edit

Invisible Kirby is the first Kirby confirmed during the Kirby boom to not be directly evil.