"That Really Puffled My Jigglies."

Jigglypuff (Jigglybutt on youtube) is a character from the air ride series. She says she is
250px-Jigglypuff SSB4
the sexiest pokemon ever and trolls in youtube streams. she hates people who think she is gay.

Jigglypuff has a youtube account where she will troll in livestreams and upload smash bros and pokemon videos using jigglypuff (for example jigglypuff will go online in pokemon and use a team of 6 jigglypuffs) Of course the account is managed by Poyo ride.


Trivia Edit

Before even being considered to be a character, blue Kirby mentioned her as a playable

The Whole Reason jigglypuff was mentioned in the post

character in the air ride 2 reveal post which was about a fake game, the olny reason she was mentioned was her being on the picture with the post.

She is Poyo Rides main account besides his own.