Kirby Boom 2016withC&L

From the second Boom.

The kirby boom was an event during 2014. During it Poyo Ride revealed 5 kirbys on facebook (intended to be 10) before he cancelled it on October 11th 2014 (with the last reveal being on September 23rd) saying that he didn't have time to reveal all the kirbys and decided to replace it with the weekly Character Tuesday. He brought it back to reveal the remaining 6 kirbys on November 28 2014. However, Poyo still hasn't completed it. He is starting from scratch to reveal 5 Kirbys on twitter with the Kirby Boom 2.0, which will mean that White Kirby revealed 5 kirbys on facebook while Poyo Ride revealed the last 5 on twitter, making the originally promised 10 kirbys.

Revealed kirbys (in order)Edit

1.Silver Kirby

2.Transcluent Kirby

3.Invisible Kirby

4.Carbon Kirby

5.Link Kirby

6.Bronze Yellow Kirby (Revealed on twitter, also will not be a character)