Lucario is a character in the air ride series.

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The 448th Pokémon, Lucario, is a Sinnoh region Pokemon. He is a Fighting/Steel type who evolves from Riolu.

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Sinnoh is a carefree fPokemon in the series. Lucario participates in many fighting tourneys and often shows up at parties. Lucario is not the one who will save people, as shown when pink Kirby was drowning. Lucario ignored her and continued on to the diving board. He will still join the Kirbys in saving the world though.


Lucario Sinnoh is a fighter in SMSB. He does not retain the Aura mechanic.


Special MovesEdit

Netural Special-Lucario charges an Aura Sphere, and releases it. 4% uncharged. 8% halfway charged. 12% fully charged.

Final Smash:Aura Storm-Lucario Mega Evovles, and goes to the top of the stage, and launches a huge beam. Can be controlled, similar to Brawl, but is much faster. 10% each hit.

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Lucario was originally known as Lucario Sinnoh.