Meta Knight is broken
Meta Knight is a character from The Air Ride Series.

About Edit

Meta Knight always brags that he is so broken. You literally can't beat him, because you're bottom tier.

Rivals Edit


Air Ride PokemonEdit

Meta Knight is in Air Ride Pokemon as a Steel Flying Pokemon. He has high attack, but low defense.

Possible MovesEdit

Secret Sword

Sacred Sword


Wing Attack



Meta Knight is a recurring character in HAL's Kirby Franchise, who appears as a boss in various Kirby games, and sometimes as an ally. Meta Knight has become infamous due to his appearance in Super Smash Bros Brawl. In this game, Meta Knight is regarded as the most broken character, due to his powerful moves, combined with his quick speed. He also has a great, unpredictable recovery, being one of the few characters (possibly the only) who can increase their recovery with all four of their special moves, and he possesses the tornado move, which is a very cheap move. Meta Knight tops the tier list, and is banned in many tournaments. This inspired his character in TARS.