The multicolored stars are stars painted by Mewtwo that were discovered by the 4 kirbys.

List of multicolored stars Edit

Green Shadow StarEdit

Green Shadow Star

The Green Shadow Star appeared in the middle of the city, White Kirby rid it until buying the Red Winged Star. Blue then took it for the rest of the time it was in the story.

It will reappear in SMSB as a palette swap of the Shadow Star.

Red Winged StarEdit

The Red Winged Star was sold to White Kirby. He ditched the Green Shadow Star for this star.

Yellow Wagon Star/Blue Wheelie BikeEdit

These two stars randomly appeared in the middle of the Garden of the Sky. Yellow took the Wagon Star and Red took the Wheelie bike when they found them.

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The Yellow Wagon star is the only multicolored star ridden by a kirby of the same color.

  • In fact, the email used to make the Facebook account for Yellow is Yellowwagonstar@*****.com