Purple Kirby is a Kirby who participates in City Trial, and used to be one of the 8 main kirbys in TARS.

About Edit

Purple Kirby wants to be the best Air Rider, and he tries his best no matter what. He rivals red Kirby and he tries to beat him so he can get at least 3rd. He hopes to someday be better than White Kirby.

In October 2016, Purple Kirby was accepted into a new better air ride group and left the group with the main 8 kirbies. He was replaced by this Purple Kirby.

 Favorite stars Edit

He perfers stars with worse handling, like the Slick Star and Rex Wheelie, his signature stars, as well as the wheelie bike and some more.

He hates slow stars, and also hates top speed patches, 

Least favorite star is the Wheelie Scooter.

Air Ride Series TCGEdit

Purple Card
Purple Kirby appears in the Air Ride TCG. He kinda relies on luck, but not as much as Red Kirby. He has the slick star as an attack, which needs heads to land successfully. He also has a bomb throw, which cannot be used twice in a row.

Friends Edit

White Kirby

Blue Kirby

Rivals Edit

Red Kirby

Green Kirby

Trivia Edit

According to Comic 55, he plays way better with "Slick Star Physcics."

Purple is the only one of the 8 kirbys to dislike a patch thats not a gray one. He does not like the Top Speed Patch, as he likes going slower, though he will get some for a race.

In matches in Kirby Air Ride, Poyo Ride has some trouble distingushing Purple Kirby from Blue Kirby. This trait is carried on to White Kirby. A similar thing happens with Yellow and Green.

Purple Kirby is the first kirby to leave the main 8 Kirbys. Unlike Green, Purple is being completely removed from the series.

  • I may still use him a little

Unlike Purple, who is completely cut
      —Poyo Ride