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Woohoo free drugs!
      —Charge Patch

Shaddup, these are not drugs
      —All Patch
Patch snaks

Patch Snaks

Patch Snaks are a bunch of Heroin disguised as snacks based off of patches, and no customer (excluding the Charge Patch) knows about it. The All Patch eats them on a daily basis, not knowing they are drugs.

The Shadow Star is certain that they are actually Heroin. (the only drug the all patch dislikes) This is true, but the All Patch doesn't believe it, because he says heroin is bad, even though he has never tried it.

The Charge Patch is the only customer who knows the secret, but he takes em cuz they're free drugs.

Things People Point out to prove they are unhealthy Edit

The shadow star says it looks like heroin.

White Kirby points out the misspelling on the product name

Blue Kirby points out they are FREE

Yellow Kirby says that the company that made them was Woodfire Kirbys.

Red Kirby says that the nutritious facts label says they are so healthy you will be #1 athlete In the world.

Nutritious FactsEdit

Baking Soda 0%

Sugar 0%

Wheat 0%

Water 0%

Illegial Substances 101%

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

They were made by Woodfire Kirbys.