Hydra Piece Big Like Ridley

A Hydra Piece

The Dragoon and hydra pieces are Pieces to build the legendary air ride machines.


In City Trial, Pieces will sometimes appear in Red Boxes, that spawn in Weird Places. The Two Piece sets make two legendary air ride machines. The Dragoon is one of them. The Dragoon is an amazing glider, and thats it, its average everywhere else. The Hydra is a very good star. It may take a while to charge, but it is supah fast, can kill anything in one hit, and is one of the best gliders in the game. (Much to Poyo Ride's disbelief)

White Kirby usually finds pieces and assembles the legendary machines, but Blue Kirby is always taking the pieces. The Hydra Pieces were the things that kickstarted The Air Ride Series.

Trivia Edit

Every one of the minor 4 kirbys except Green Kirby calls the pieces a different name

  • Purple Kirby calls them the keys to victory.
  • Brown Kirby calls the hydra pieces the Keys to destruction(he calls the dragoon pieces just pieces)
  • Pink Kirby calls them toys. (Much to white kirbys dismay)

On a facebook post the shadow star said that "Dyna Bla... I mean the piece hider put a piece on the ufo." this means that dyna blade hides the pieces in the series

When you actually think about it, White Kirby is the real Piece Taker. Usually Blue Kirby finds the piece, which is referred to him stealing the piece. However, the only real way to steal a piece is busting someones star and taking it, which is how White gets the pieces when Blue finds one.