Not to be confused with Kirby

Pink Kirby is a character in TARS.

Despite having possibly the lowest amount of appearances out of all the air ride kirbies, and falling into obscurity thanks to Kirby, Pink actually is the highest ranking air ride kirby, at 11th place (If Kirby does not count as an air ride kirby). Pink probably has the most unique personality out of the air ride kirbies. Most other kirbys are just basic characters with one trait or something (EX:Yellow Kirby is only supposed to be Blue Kirby's friend). 

About Edit

Pink Kirby is an Annoying brat who is very picky about her stars. She likes the compact star, the warp star, and sometimes is ok with the winged star and the shadow star, but that's all. She says that the other stars are way too weird(E.X. she says the fourmula star is for bad air riders and says she is the best air rider, and then white Kirby, blue Kirby and yellow Kirby, yell at her because she is the worst air rider.) She also hates when a star of hers is destroyed, unless its a star she thinks is "weird" where she wants it destroyed. Sometimes in stop motion she trades a swerve star she found after her compact star got destroyed with white kirbys warp star.


Green Kirby

Who she considers friends, but these people dont like her.Edit

Yellow Kirby

Blue Kirby 


Red Kirby (Pink only hates red because Yellow Hates Red. This annoys Yellow for two reasons. 1. She copied him, and 2. SHE DOESN'T KNOW HIM! This goes with White Kirby too, but pink knows White)

White Kirby

Brown Kirby

Purple Kirby

Dyna Blade (she calls her the Pottymouth Pidgeon)



Pink is the least used of the 8 main kirbys, while least used comic wise, she appears quite a bit in City Trial Videos.

Pink usually appears in comics with Purple Kirby.

Despite being related to Yellow, they do not share a color scheme.

  • Nowadays, Poyo says that it would've made more sense to have Pink be related to Red Kirby. However he wont change it.

Pink's favorite patch appears to be the turn patch, as well as the top speed patch.

  • Pink actually never shows a haterd for any patch aside from the negative ones.