Red Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series. He is White Kirby's friend and Yellow Kirby's archrival.


Red Kirby is one of the kirbies who participates City Trial. He is friends with White Kirby, but has a rivalry with Yellow. Of the 4 main kirbys in city trial, Red Kirby is said to be the worst, skill wise. However, he is the master of Top Ride. He sometimes fools around in air ride, and randomly flies in with his star during an important battle, and also says random things. An example is in Kirby Annotation Ride 2, part of a series by Poyo Ride about TARS, where he flies in out of nowhere during the battle where White first loses his star.


Red is a playable character in SMSB.

​Air Ride TCG

Red Kirby is a character in the air ride TCG. He is a ground character who solely reliies on luck. Both of his attacks involve flipping coins, and only work when getting heads. Red Kirby has no use for the air, as both of his attacks can't be used in the air.
Red card


White Kirby


Every Other Kirby in air ride, most notably  Yellow Kirby

Dyna Blade

Poorly Drawn Kirby


Pink Kirby (the two have no interaction whatsoever)



Despite his main appearances, Red was actually the 2nd last Kirby to recieve any official artwork of any kind, the last being Pink.

He was the third kirby to gain a new trait in 2016, after white and green.

According to TARS A-Z, Poyo preferrs Red Kirby over Yellow Kirby, as Red proved useful in come comics, like Comic 15, and in Stupidstar Saga.