Silver Kirby is a character in The Air Ride Series. He was the first kirby to be revealed for the Kirby Boom.


Silver Kirby starts out as a simple background character, but after some time as the series progresses more is revealed about him.

When Silver Kirby first appears in person, he reveals he wanted to be a part of the series and get noticed, but everyone ignored him. Silver Kirby decided to become evil and take over the city.


Despite being the first kirby confirmed during the kirby boom, he never recieved any offical artwork or any personality hints at all during his reveal, unlike transcluent kirby confirmed a day later.

  • though in transcluent kirbys reveal he was mentioned to be talked about by poyo ride and metal mewtwo and the info will be posted on the wiki too silver kirbys personality will be posted to the public after the kirby boom is over though a picture of him will be posted to the public before the boom is over and all info with him will be revealed on the wiki during the kirby boom 

Silver Kirby is based on Golden Kirby from Green Kirby Air Ride.

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