"STADIUM PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDICTION: I think that you will be racing in my backyard"
      —Stadium Prediction

"Stadium Prediction: Kirby Sucks Dick"
      —Stadium Prediction

Stadium Prediction

Stadium Prediction artwork by Greenkirby121098

Stadium Prediction is a character in TARS.

About Edit

The Stadium Prediction always predicts the stadium for the game.  However, he always lies, and he mostly predicts the events When predicting the events, there is sometimes clear evidence that he is lying. Despite the fact that he is obviously lying, he still does it.


Sometimes, a silhouette of his body is shown in comics, revealing he/she is a Kirby.

The Stadium Prediction is a very forgotten character. He very rarely appears in comics and doesn't have major roles in Stories. His/Her facebook is also inactive. However, Poyo Ride sometimes likes to do TARS episodes in his head when playing Air Ride, and Stadium Prediction is not as forgotten there. 

The Stadium Predictions are Poyo Ride's least favorite event. (If you want to call it one) Poyo Ride says they are a boring waste of events, aren't always accurate, and half the time, Poyo presets the stadium, and Stadium Prediction still predicts the stadium.

Stadium Prediction will get a face reveal on one of the anneversities of the wiki (June 11, ????) or one of the anneversities of Blue Kirby taking a piece. (Feb. 23, ????)

The Stadium Prediction can tell the truth sometimes. Usually it's when his prediction is extremely absurd. For example, in Kirby Annotation Ride 2, at the beginning of the video, he says you will meet with the muffin man. At 6:24 in the video, the Muffin Man song starts playing.