The UFO Ft. Blue Sky
The UFO is a place in The Air Ride Series. 

About the UFO Edit

The UFO sometimes flies by the city. When it spawns, the sky turns a very dark blue. The Shadow Star and the All Patch hide here so they cannot be found. Many other patches also hide here.

Overview Edit

The UFO's "hump" has a trapdoor leading to a Hallway leading to some Rooms

Known Rooms Edit

The Drivers Room Edit

The Drivers room is where the U.F.O. driver lives.

The Café Edit

The restruant at the U.F.O. It sells stuff like Patch Snaks.

​Stupidstar SagaEdit

The UFO is the third location, after Little Town and Floral Fields. After Blue takes White's pieces, he tweets about being on the UFO. Since the UFO is landing in Floral Fields, White and Red hurry there. They come to the UFO where Blue Kirby flees and the Shadow Star battles the kirbys. After this, the UFO takes off with White and Red Kirby. The enemies on the UFO are all patches. You can go inside the UFO. There are attack pieces for Red Kirby's first Kirby Attack. The All Patch spots the kirbies and sounds an alarm telling everyone to evacuate to the safe room. The All Patch then fights the kirbies because they are on the UFO After defeating the All Patch, the Shadow Star informs the Kirbys the UFO is landing in 3 days. The All Patch suggests jumping off, so the kirbys jump off the UFO. The UFO can be accessed again using the Warp Pipe.


Offense Patch

Defense Patch

Glide Patch

All Patch (Boss)



The UFO as it appears in Kirby Air Ride.

The UFO is one of various events in Kirby Air Ride. It is never directly referred to as "The UFO." The game calls it a "Mysterious Flying Machine." The UFO spawns if the sky turns a darker Blue Color than usual. The UFO will contain random patches. There will always be an all patch in the middle. Despite what happens in the series, Stars will not spawn on the UFO.


Trivia Edit

A UFO FB page ( ) implies it is illegial to hide here, as at the end of every post, the page says, "Remember, NO HIDING!" The Shadow Star also mentions it in his daily journal.

In TARS, The UFO has a little hump in the center of it, which it does not have in Kirby Air Ride. (Compare the first image in the gallery to the image at the top of the page.)