—Yellow assfuck

The Yellow Devil is a character in TARS.


The Yellow Devil is a giant yellow blob with pretty big hands and legs. He has one black eye with a red pupil. His blobs in his ball pattern are pure yellow.


The Yellow Devil has the worlds most annoying attack pattern. His pattern consists of him moving through the arena in 16 or so parts. This pattern is very hard to dodge, and the Yellow Devil is a very tricky boss if you haven't memorized this pattern.

In TARS, it is impossible to beat the Yellow Devil. His pattern is hard to memorize. If you do memorize it, he will change his pattern. The Yellow Devil always brags about how hard he is and nobody likes him.


The Yellow Devil is a jerk to everybody, always attacking them with his ball pattern for no reason.


The Yellow Devil is the boss of Wily's Castle. He acts the same as in SSB4 with a few differences. He moves faster than in SSB4. Another difference from SSB4 is that the balls are more spread out, making it easier to jump between them.  The Yellow Devil has a new attack too, he shoots a huge laser out of his eye, which is inspired by Mega Man Powered Up.


  • The Ball Pattern
  • Yellow Devil shoots a laser from his eye
  • Yellow Devil shoots fireballs.

Yellow Devil is also in Expansion Pack 1 as a playable character.


​Special MovesEdit

Netural Special-Yellow Devil shoots 2 fireballs from his eye. 4% per fireball.

Side Special-The Ball Pattern. It is slower and shorter than the boss version of him

Up Special-Yellow Devil turns into a yellow blob and flies up. 4%

Down Special-Yellow Devil fires a laser from his eye 15%

Final Smash: Bumo Armageddon-All of Yellow Devil's palette swaps come in and attack with the ball pattern at the same time. It goes much faster, and all the devils have different ball patterns, making this near impossible to avoid.

​Palette SwapsEdit

Yellow Devil MK2

Green Devil

Shadow Devil

Miss Robot 24.0.


Yellow devil on steroids
The Yellow Devil reappears in TARS X. He has transformed into the Shadow Devil, and is even more annoying than before.


Trivia Edit

One time, a Kirby back in the early days of Poopstar memorized every possible way the Yellow Devil could do his pattern. This caused it to be shot by the yellow devil with a big fat laser.

He's the leader of the three assbots.

Yellow Devil was the final character to appear in a comic panel, excluding remakes.